Fearful of marriage


January 19, 2016

Dear Rev Dunbar,

I have a fear of marriage because my parents are twice divorced and my previous marriage did not work. I am seeing someone now for almost four years, and we have a child and she is now having expectations. I know it's probably is dEj++ vu, but old time people say coward man keeps sound bones.

Dear fearful,

Cowards may keep sound bones, but if you don't protect what you have you will lose it - in reference to your present relationship. You may have reason to doubt the institution of marriage, but the truth is everyone makes mistake. You will just have to learn from them - what your parents did not do correctly, and what you didn't do in your past marriage.

No one partner is totally responsible for a divorce or separation, so examine yourself because you only have control over your actions and resolve to do things differently this time. Don't put all marriages in one box, get counselling, resolve you past issues, and if you need a life partner, walk the isle again. If she will have you with your history, then it will be worth it. 'One han cyan clap' !

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