Four to be sentenced for more than 2,000 traffic tickets

October 07, 2019

Four men with a total of 2,110 outstanding traffic tickets are to be sentenced in the Corporate Area Traffic Court on Tuesday.

They are: Errol Lyle, 59, of Hermitage, St Andrew; Easton Codner, 57, of Blackwood Terrace, Kingston 19; Renford James, 50, of New Haven, Kingston 20; and Jeffrey Phipps, 26, of Belmont district in Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew. 

Three warrants were issued for Lyle who has accumulated 466 outstanding traffic tickets, while a warrant was issued for Codner who has accumulated 713 outstanding traffic tickets. Six warrants were issued for James accumulated 480 outstanding traffic tickets, while Phipps accumulated 451 traffic tickets.